Designed this giant rotting roses ring for @deadheadsociety Look for this piece and more to feature at Tampa Bay Comic Con!! 💀

Joker for sketch_dailies.

Just doodling around, thinking about making some patches and stickers. What do you think of this design?

Hellhound I drew for a charm design. I’m kinda in love with his bloody mouth and drool..

You can purchase it over at Deadhead Society ;)

Just a bust because I suck and couldn’t come up with anything else aka I drew 28937 other things and nothing worked

via: color palette meme

A surprisingly fun thing to do. Pink!Loki.

via: color palette meme

My favorite piece I’ve done for Deadhead Society. We can’t have any zombie merch without unicorns, I won’t stand for it.

Got my scanner working! (⊙ヮ⊙) while I work on that palette meme thing here are the marvel!unicorns I made for squidded's birthday ♥

Late night portrait commission draws.

Back in the day when times were rough and people didn’t last nearly as long they would indulge in postmortem photography. It’s just as eerie and bizarre as it sounds. The concept of a Victorian-esque portrait in the same manner of the undead—aha, see what I did there?
This is available as a shirt, pullover sweater, print, or tote bag exclusively over at Deadhead Society — home of one of a kind zombie themed apparel and accessories, come check us out!

We’re finally alive and crawling around. Still much more to add and create, soon to come~


My scanner isn’t working so all I have is a crappy picture for now, but in my down time I made an Elizabeth painting for a friend ♥ It was nice therapy from only doing work art for the past few months.

I know, I know, more zombie dudes. I promise it’s for something upcoming that’s really cool ☺

Last time you’ll see this dude till he’s in production, but, I just love how he’s coming along *u*