Some nostalgia for tonight’s inktober, my favorite Dino

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I feel your pains, drac. Living in a world where everyone is awake during the day, and can only be productive at nighttimes~

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Today’s Inktober and one of my faves thus far, despite it’s use to let out feeeeels

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skele girl warm up I’ll probably return to when I get some free time.

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Quick process vid on how I made Groot last night 🌿 #groot #gotg #guardiansofthegalaxy #marvel #art #process #drawing #painting #watercolor

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"This shouldn’t happen to a dog!" — been itching to doodle me a Courage ♥

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Back to commissions and 80s playlists 

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draw what u wear via feverworm

♥ everyday outift
♥ at home outfit 
♥ special occasion outfit 

if you are tagged you must draw the three outfits listed and then tag some people 

i tag all my art frans who see this :|

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Sad majestic unicorn is sad. Played with @torianne00 ‘s gold marker the other night~

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My half of an art trade with Torianne00 💜 of her and Ollie the otter!!

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